Big Brother Govt Meet Big Nanny Govt

Big Brother Govt Meet Big Nanny Govt

CBS News just published a story called the “War on Soft Drinks Bubble Out of Schools”.  Basically this article is describing a new tax that they hope will stop people from drinking so much soda.  I ask why???  Why is this any business of a city, state, or federal government to police the amount of calories that we as a Free Society choose to consume?  At what point are the people going to say “enough”, if they can tax my soda 3 pennies an ounce what will be next?  Is the government going to start taxing each individual cookie in a pack, or by the pepperioni on my pizza?

This movement of taxing the “unhealthy” choices in life really found its footing under cigarettes.  Almost everyone hates a smoker so it was easy to attack them to raise more money.  Now the new target they are telling the people to hate is the fat or chunky person.  Leave our food choices to us.  If people wish to lose weight they don’t need the government there taxing the crap out of them to encourage it.

This soda tax like the cigarette tax is not a shot against the hated rich in this country but will target the middle class and the poor. 

People Wake Up before its to late.  We pay enough in taxes already without having the government target individual choices that we make!


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