Run Mr. Cain Run!!!

On Saturday 5/21/11 Mr. Herman Cain made it official that he is running for the GOP nomination for President.  This is a great thing for the GOP as Mr. Cain brings in new and interesting ways of thinking to some very major problems.  I hope Mr. Cain makes it to the finish win, lose or draw the GOP needs this man in the race.  As of right now he is my candidate, but that could change as I see the rest of the field.  Yes Mr. Cain has hit a few stumbling blocks but what candidate won’t?  The true test of any candidate will be how do they deal with those trip ups, and to use those mistakes to their advantage in the future.

So for now I gladly say Run Mr. Cain Run!

Want to learn more about Mr. Cain?  Please go to his website:

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