Forest Park Vs. Boobies!!! Let the Smack Down Begin!

The venue Forest Park, Ga the activity?  A rousing protest….Breast Feeding Vs. Forest Park!  One hundred plus women gathered outside of City Hall to protest the new law that bans moms from breastfeeding their children above the age of 2 years old.  The City Council has decided that any breastfeeding beyond the age of 2 should now be considered Public Nudity and thus must be stopped in there ever vigilant fight against all things nude! 

City Manager John Parker has set out on his crusade to rid the world of naked women tata’s. The question is where does he stand on hairy man boobs? Is he Pro or Against?  I for one do not find the act of breastfeeding to be anywhere near public indecency but heck who am I to judge?  But Parker on the other hand has no problem judging.  He said the following to Atlanta WSB TV about the new ordinance : “It sets up a process whereby we can try to control nudity throughout the entire city,” Parker said .  You know its funny I didn’t realize Forest Park had a huge nudity problem.  Whats going on there?  Do the nudist come out of the Mountain’s and run in the streets?  Do you college age girls flock there for Girls Gone Crazy Forest Park Style?  Is nudity really a major issue in little bitty Forest Park?  If so why am I not there?  Just Kidding!!! (Trying to have a little fun).

As for you Mr. Parker the world has bigger issues then rather or not Jr. gets his 3 o’clock mommy snack.  Stop trying to push your weird issues of nudity on other people.  If you don’t want to see mommy’s jugs while feeding build some kind of breastfeeding stands where they can go or leave these women alone.

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