The Danger of Obamacare to Liberty

In a Detroit courtroom yesterday Judge George Caram Steeh declared that a penalty on those who chose not to buy health insurance is legal.  But is it Constitutional?  It is clear just by reading the Constitution that the Framers would have rejected the Democrat’s healthcare law.  This law is the greatest power grab in US history by the Federal Government, and does nothing to protect the Liberty of the individual.

What’s even more clear to me is that the Obamacare law has set a dangerous precedent for stealing the liberty of all American’s.  In the name of cost control and covering people without insurances the Democrats have taken away your Right to choose how you spend your own money which is part of your Private Property.  Worse yet the law forces you into a private contract with another private group.  In the case of Obamacare the Federal Government has declared that if you do not buy a State okayed product, i.e. health insurance, then you will be fined, and failure to pay your fines’ could land you in jail. 

So now that the precedent is out there, what next might the Government say you MUST buy or be fine or even jailed for?

It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it…that the American Government would be threatening private citizens to buy products that they do not want or need, but this is the realty of the law.  It is easy to see how we are now less free today then we were yesterday, due to this law.  Around the nation we are also seeing the opposite, government officials, like Mayor Bloomberg of New York, are pushing to stop the American people from exercising their Rights to buy products, such as salt and sugary drinks.

If this dangerous trend continues we will continue to see more and more of our liberties taken away, yes they will seem like small things at the time but they start to build and build and build.  One day we will look back on our lives and ask ourselves what happened, and say: “this was not the nation our Founders fought for or the one I remember as a child”.

America we are at a cross roads with this election we can continue down a path that leads towards a soft Tyranny or we can choose a path that restores our Liberty’s.  Will we continue to send Leftist like Obama, Reid and Pelosi who believe that they have the power to dictate to you what products you must buy, or will we start to send people who will fight to reduce THEIR OWN power and the power of the National Government.  If we continue to send power-hungry politicians to Washington then all American’s will see their freedom diminished and we will have DESERVED it…

…Ask yourself this one question, If the Congress can Order You to buy Health Insurance, then can they order you to eat three vegetables and fruits per day??? 

If so then, where does the power of the Congress, President and the Courts end???


John Kerry Insults the Electorate

 So how does Democrat Leader John Kerry hope to win over voters??? By insulting them of course:

“We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what’s happening,”

So I guess that Mr. Kerry needs to go visit a doctor because the Senator has clearly lost a portion of his memory…Mr. Kerry do you remember a little campaign slogan called “Hope and Change”.


President Obama promised to bring hope to a nation that was afraid that the nation’s economy was on the verge of a complete collapse, and the change?  Well the President never explained what that change would be, now did he?

And as far as uninformed voters I will be glad to agree that part of the population was very uninformed in 2008 and I’m sure they will be just as ill-informed as they were then…but who were these ignorant voters?  Democrat(No not all Democrats but many of the Obama Zombies were) don’t believe me watch this:

The very best thing as a country is to have a very well-informed voting base, but truth be told many who vote are not well-informed.  Most people I know (and yes they are young people) are more interested in College football, the NFL, and baseball, and thus they pay no attention to the damage that is happening to the nation thanks to this so far unstoppable One Party rule. 

Kerry is trying to blame the voters for being to stupid to see all the wonderful things the Democrats have done for them. Well Mr. Kerry it is not the voters who are too stupid to see the consequences of the Democratic rule, it is members of your Party and the media, come November a tidal wave will come in and wash away the garbage and hopefully sweep in new Conservative Members who can help slow down this massive growth of the Federal Government.  If the American people fail to washout the Democratic Party then there will be no stopping the United States from going over the cliff to join Greece in bankruptcy.


How Obama Got Elcected

“Draw Mohammed Day” Artist Has Gone Into Hiding

So have you ever heard of a Facebook group called “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”, it was created by a Seattle-based ex-cartoonist named Molly Norris.  Why is Miss Norris now an ex-cartoonist?  It’s because Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki’s fatwa against her.  The FBI has told Molly Norris for her own protection it is best if she goes into hiding, think of it is as Witness Relocation Program with out the help of the Feds.

Anwar al-Awlaki is currently one of the most wanted men by the US.  President Obama has given the ok to the CIA to kill the terrorist leader wanted for his role in such attacks as the Fort Hood shooting and the failed Car Bombing in Time Square.  Now the always pleasant al-Awlaki has placed a hit on the cartoonist for daring to insult the great Prophet.  It does not matter that Miss Noris apologized for any offense her “joke” may have caused her life is still in real danger.

So why am I writing about this?  Its to demonstrate the current state of Islam.  For the most part the majority of Muslims are very peaceful people but, with nearly 1 in 4 people being Muslim you can see that even 1 percent of the population being radicalized represents a very serious threat.  In recent days we have seen how easy it is for the West to spark serious rounds of violence in the Muslim world. 

Do to the ignorance of one Pastor in Florida whom threatened to burn a Koran (which by the way is a disgusting and ignorant act) violent protest broke out across the Muslim world.  When in 2004 a Danish cartoonist drew a satire image of Mohammad with a bomb strapped to himself also caused more violent reactions.  The problem is that whatever we do in the West to offend is used as a tool to cause violence by Islamic extremist. 

All these acts above demonstrate the total intolerance of some Muslims.  It is time that the West start demanding tolerance from the Muslim World…no longer should we allow every action that those in the West take be used as an excuse to cause violence and justify acts of terrorism.  These extremist are the enemy and they must be held to account, not just by those who seek peace in the West but by their fellow Muslims.  Untill Muslims world-wide stand up against those who use their religion for violence we can expect many more innocent deaths…most of whom will be innocent Muslims.

So while we wait for Muslims to throw out bums like al-Awlaki, people like Miss Molly Norris will have to continue to live their lives in total fear of some fanatic seeking to kill them.


Michael Berry’s: The Dems Must Go

A great video that reminds us all of all the transgressions this Administration is responsible for:

Pass this on!


Budweiser’s Salute to 9/11

This Ad was aired only once after 9/11. Budweiser did not seek to profit from but just wanted to do something that would honor those lost.  It’s a pretty awesome commercial:

My Dream for 9/11

I personally believe that 9/11 should be viewed as a sacred day…a day that was filled with both tragedy and heroics.  I would love to see it become a National Holiday, a day that we honor those who lost their lives.  Unfortunately on the 9th anniversary what we saw for some was a day of tragedy and hope turned into just another day of politics. 

 I personally believe that this day should not be a day of politics, political rally’s, and protest.  Instead it should be a day that we stand back and remember those lives lost and the way we felt that day.

Nine years ago we all became a one.  We shed tears, quivered in fear, hoped and prayed to our God for the lives lost and for protection for the survivors and the families of the victims.  The days that followed we watched as men and women marched into the Gates of Hell searching for any sign of someone who survived.  We cheered the miracles of the few survivors and cried when non others were found. 

On that day and the day after we became Americans first, second and third.  We did not worry about the person next to us being a Republican or Democrat.  We did not care if our neighbors were black or white, gay or straight because we were all the same, we were Untied Americans.  All faiths came together from the tragedy; Jews, Buddhist, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and others put aside their difference in belief long enough to celebrate the similarities in all of us.

On 9/11 as we set back in stunned horror the world too watched.  Some openly wept with us while others cheered, but what the world would watch next was one of the greatest moments in American History.  We stood shoulder to shoulder and helped our fellow-man.  They watched as army’s of police, firemen, EMT’s and construction workers from around the nation marched into Ground Zero to try to save our fellow Americans and they watched as we wept for those who were lost.  The world saw a nation that was broken-hearted, but resilient.  They watched as all Americans came together to act as one for the betterment of those who suffered.

Slowly over time the world also watched this period of new-found brotherhood and friendship wane, and be replaced with extremely bitter political divides. 

 What I would like to see happens, is for the world one day out of every year, on 9/11, to sit back and watch as Americans come together and become one People again.  We can show the world the strength of the American heart or our underbelly.  I believe if the world can see us set aside our fights for a 24 hour period every year to embrace our brothers and sisters the world will see a nation that can never be torn apart by outsiders and they will see our true strength. 

In those awful days after 9/11 we came to temporally understand the meanings of President Kennedy’s words:

If we cannot end now our differences, at least we can make the world safe for diversity. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.”

And for us in this Great Nation…We are All Americans!

Remembering 9/11/01

(I wrote this last year for the anniversary of 9/11 it was true then and its true today)

An Open Letter to the Nation

On this date September 11, 2010, 9 years after the worst terrorist attack in US history I wish to stop and honor the memories of the people whose lives were lost and to keep in my heart and mind the family and friends who are the true victims of this great tragedy. I remember standing in front of a big screen tv watching the second plane crash into the second tower and watching the buildings collapse. I remember seeing the hole in the side of the Pentagon and praying for the victims and for our Nation. I had great fear in my heart that many more lives were going to be lost that day and not just in New York and Washington DC but all over our Nation. I remembered asking, why God why was this happening to us? What did we do to deserve such a horrific attack?

And I remember a promise that the nation made to the victims and to the terrorist that attacked us. We will never forget!

Well its 9 years later and people are forgetting and going about their lives as if nothing special really happened that day. And this saddens me to my core because out of the attacks on September 11th came a new spirit. The Nation had stood together and watched in horror, fear, anger, confusion and sadness as we were brutally attacked by an enemy we didn’t really know and could never really understand their motives. But out of these emotions new emotions began to rise up; a sense of pride, love, hope and patriotism arose in this great Nation. People were proud to be an American and we stood hand in hand not as Democrats or Republicans, not as Liberals or Conservatives but as Americans, as New Yorkers and citizens of Washington DC.

I watched the tragedy unfold day after day and I watched as people from all over this great Nation poured into New York not to go shopping or to site see but to aid in the rescue and recovery. If they weren’t rescue workers they were ordinary Americans who were there to share their strength, love and hope with the rescue workers to encourage them on in their impossible task. This Nation opened up its hearts to the victims and gave without hesitation food, clothes and money to try and give them whatever aid and comfort we could to help them out. We became what we should always be; one Nation under God and Indivisible. We became America.

And so I ask what happened to us in the past 9 years? Have our political disagreements become so bad that we cannot remember that spirit of unity even for one day?

So I ask can’t we take one day out of each year and unite not just to remember those who were lost to us but to celebrate their memories. Their loss caused our Nation to become as one and this is something to celebrate. So here is my challenge to the Nation. Every September 11 should be more then just a day of remembrance but also a day where we set our petty arguments and disagreements aside for 24 hours and we once again become a Nation Unified in the memories of that day not to relive the horror but to rejoice in the love that came out of it. We are all Americans and September 11 should be the day that reminds us of that fact.

So in closing I must ask God with all my heart to be with the family and friends of those whose lives were taken or given willingly to save others and to be with our soldiers and their families who are fighting for our Nation give them strength to carry on and to help them with all that they do. And one more thing God please never let this Nation forget!

May God Bless the United States!!!

Do Not Burn the Quran

It started with one man in Gainesville, Florida and now the horrible idea to burn a Quran has began to spread.  Preachers in Tennessee and Kansas now to say they will burn a Quran on 9/11.  This is a disgusting act by people who should know better.  Preachers should be seeking a world of peace and demonstrating their love of God not through an act that is designed to provoke but through an act of love.

These men should be gathering other leaders from multiple faiths to denounce the Islamic extremist, rather than giving the image of being extremist themselves.  In this nation we are a land of tolerance, tolerance doesn’t mean we must condone what others do but we don’t have to act like the people that we disagree with.  The Bible teaches us to hate the sin and love the sinner, in this case we should not be trying to provoke the peaceful elements of Islam but should be embracing them to denounce those who use Islam for violence.

The people have the right to burn the Quran…but that does not mean that they should do it.  Part of being a free people is the self exercise of restraint.  Just because the government of Saudi Arabia has official policy to burn Bibles and destroy holy Christian objects doesn’t mean we should act the same way. 

These preachers have decided to make a stand against Islam…thats fine but their actions could cause great damage to our nation, to our citizens and to our military.

The other part of this story should be clear…true leaders in the Islamic faith should being sending messages to the “Muslim World”.  And that message is, “If these Quran burnings take place we will have an oppertunity to show the world that we are a people of peace, demonstrate and march but do not give into acts of violence.”   Unfortunately almost no one will, especially almost no religious leaders in the “Muslim World”. 

If the Quran is burned, this will be an oppertunity for the Muslim World to show that they are a people of peace.

Finally what I find to be the most disgusting part of all this is that these Preachers would dishonor the memories of the victims of 9/11 by using a tool of hate.

Whatever Happened to the Post-Partisan President?

Back before the election then Senator Obama was on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace discussing how he would issue in a Post-Partisan Presidency:

So whatever happened to this???  Obama was supposed to become the Great Uniter where he would reach across the political lines.  Instead the President has found away to blame every failure on the previous administration and place blame on the Republicans.  What the President seems to have forgotten is his party is in complete control and could have passed anything it wanted without a single Republican vote:

Mr. President it has been almost 2 years its time for you to take credit for both success and the failures…its time to stop blaming Bush.


Oh and Mrs. Speaker you need to pull the ear plugs from your ears and listen to the people…the time for blaming Bush is over!

And one last thing. I must give credit where credit is due, the President actually said a few positive words about President Bush in his Speech about the end of the Iraq War. So good job for at least trying Mr. President.

The NEW Black Panthers Party are a Threat

These guys need to be watched and must be put on the terrorist watch list. I don’t know about the majority members of the New Black Panther, but its leadership is a group of hate filled thugs. The guy King Samir Shabazz flat-out brags about being in a jail. He calls the white police who are patrolling his neighborhood a threat, but here is a man who has found himself in jail, why? He calls it self-defense…if you can watch this video and think this is a group of peaceful citizens that are only worried about defending themselves then there is no getting through to you. These guys are thugs and they hate white people. Why? Because they are Racist.

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