My Rants!!!

On the Issue of Illegal Immigration and the Accusations of Racism:

For those who claim that its racist to call people who enter our Nation illegally as an illegal alien that’s just nuts!  Come on people let’s be honest with ourselves as soon as someone steps across our borders in an illegal fashion they have already comment a crime against our nation.  Are the vast majority of the people honest and hard-working people?  I’m sure they, but by being in this country the way that they are they are thumbing their noses at US law.  They are telling us the American people that they have no respect for our laws, our culture or our Constitution.

No it is not racist to ask someone to show their documents that give them the right to be here in the middle of a traffic stop or any other interaction that law enforcement must make.  The PC crowd has for years been calling the illegals “undocumented workers or immigrants” by their own term they are admitting that to be here legally you must have some sort of paper work.  The paperwork can be ones green card, visa, or work visa but the immigrants who come here legally must have them and for those who don’t come here legally should be kicked out of our country. 

I dare anybody in this nation to sneak across the border of Mexico without proof that you are allowed to be there, you know your “papers”.  For that matter sneak into Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Kenya, China, Iran, Iraq, or any other nation on Earth without legal papers and you will be arrested, fined, maybe thrown in prison for some time and then kicked out of that country. 

As Americans we must enforce our borders and our immigration laws or soon we will cease being a melting pot Nation and a Nation of laws.

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