The Danger of Obamacare to Liberty

In a Detroit courtroom yesterday Judge George Caram Steeh declared that a penalty on those who chose not to buy health insurance is legal.  But is it Constitutional?  It is clear just by reading the Constitution that the Framers would have rejected the Democrat’s healthcare law.  This law is the greatest power grab in US history by the Federal Government, and does nothing to protect the Liberty of the individual.

What’s even more clear to me is that the Obamacare law has set a dangerous precedent for stealing the liberty of all American’s.  In the name of cost control and covering people without insurances the Democrats have taken away your Right to choose how you spend your own money which is part of your Private Property.  Worse yet the law forces you into a private contract with another private group.  In the case of Obamacare the Federal Government has declared that if you do not buy a State okayed product, i.e. health insurance, then you will be fined, and failure to pay your fines’ could land you in jail. 

So now that the precedent is out there, what next might the Government say you MUST buy or be fine or even jailed for?

It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it…that the American Government would be threatening private citizens to buy products that they do not want or need, but this is the realty of the law.  It is easy to see how we are now less free today then we were yesterday, due to this law.  Around the nation we are also seeing the opposite, government officials, like Mayor Bloomberg of New York, are pushing to stop the American people from exercising their Rights to buy products, such as salt and sugary drinks.

If this dangerous trend continues we will continue to see more and more of our liberties taken away, yes they will seem like small things at the time but they start to build and build and build.  One day we will look back on our lives and ask ourselves what happened, and say: “this was not the nation our Founders fought for or the one I remember as a child”.

America we are at a cross roads with this election we can continue down a path that leads towards a soft Tyranny or we can choose a path that restores our Liberty’s.  Will we continue to send Leftist like Obama, Reid and Pelosi who believe that they have the power to dictate to you what products you must buy, or will we start to send people who will fight to reduce THEIR OWN power and the power of the National Government.  If we continue to send power-hungry politicians to Washington then all American’s will see their freedom diminished and we will have DESERVED it…

…Ask yourself this one question, If the Congress can Order You to buy Health Insurance, then can they order you to eat three vegetables and fruits per day??? 

If so then, where does the power of the Congress, President and the Courts end???


What is Universal Health Care Really About?

What the Health Care bill was really about is very simple, political power.  The Democratic Party hopes to get as many people hooked on the “freebies” to insure that they continue to vote for them.  I can hear the political ads now, “Vote for Roy the Democrat because his Republican opponent wants to take away your health care, deny you access to your doctor, and give all the money instead to big Insurance.”  This has been the shell of game of the left ever since Social Security was passed.  Once people are on the system and hooked to the goodies they like the system.  Why? Because they are receiving “free goodies”.  The problem is nothing is free.  Just because some are receiving the “benefits for free” the cost is coming out of someone else’s pocket.  You have heard of spreading the wealth around well this is spreading the Insurance.  Coverage will not be improved and likely will become worse.  This bill, now a law, was never about insuring more people but instead it was about expanding the Democratic voting block and giving them an issue to run on from now till the system collapses.

This whole process was sold as an act of kindness and compassion but it is not.  We already have three major entitlement programs in this country and all three are on the verge of collapse.  This bill did nothing to fix Medicare and instead its takes hundreds of billions of dollars from it and the people who are depending on it.  When we move money around, redistribution of wealth, you cause economic upheaval.  The “hated rich” in this country have less money which means less jobs for everyone else.  And when the rich get poorer so does everyone else, thus making more people dependent on government handouts, rather than helping them increase their economic status in life.  

Instead of creating a new Government controlled entitlement program we should be liberating the economic free market to expand, creating new jobs and greater wealth for the people.  When people become hooked on government handouts they become enslaved to them, but when people’s economic situation improves through the free market whole new avenues open up for them.  This is kindness and compassion. 

 Economic liberation and protection of private property will do far more good for the people in this nation then a dependency on Obamacare.

We must demand that the Politicians in Washington liberate us from Obamacare! Repeal the Bill!

Representive Paur Ryan on Health Care Bill

Hear what Representive Paul Ryan says is next in the fight for our freedom, over this Health Care Bill.

Paul Ryan Discussing the Health Care Bill

Remove, Contain, and Repeal: The 3 Steps to Ending Obamacare

Tomorrow President Obama will sign into law one of the worse pieces of legislation in American history and begin the unraveling of the Democratic Party.  The American people overwhelmingly opposed the passage of this bill because of the corruption, the huge tax hikes, the unconstitutional mandates on the American people, and many other things the American people hated.  So with the hatred of this bill comes a hated of something else, the Democratic Party. 

The American people often get sucked in by the feel good redirect of the Democratic politicians and make the mistake of voting them into office, but soon we remember why that is a mistake.  Every time Democrats take control they can’t help but spend, tax, spend, tax, and well you get the picture.  Yesterday they added the biggest entitlement policy ever in this country and with comes huge amounts of spending and larger amounts of taxes.  All this leads to the destruction of the Democratic control in 2010.

The Democrats just handed the Republican’s their platform for November.  The first step will be to get rid of as many Democrats as possible.   Once that happens we will be in a position to try to Repeal the Health Care bill and if this fails to pass, to contain the damage it can cause.  This will not be a short-term fight, but will be one that will take up the remainder of the Obama Presidency.  This will be one of the longest political battles ever and one we must win if our country is to survive.