3 Point Plan for Immigration Reform

So you want immigration reform? So let’s try this:

Step 1:

A year-long worker visa program. 

All people currently in this nation that are illegals from the Western Hemisphere will be given a One year window from the start of the program to return to their home country’s and apply for the temporary work visa.  Each of these temporary work visas will be good for one year, it will include the whole immediate family (mom, dad and kids), and they must have proof of residence.  These temporary workers must stay in the housing units addressed in their work visa or they must update and show proof that they have moved to a new residence during that years work program.  They must have proof of a job.  If they go 3 months without a job they most return home and reapply for the work visa (when this happens only one member of the family must return to the home country but if they do not return within 2 months of getting their visa’s renewed their family will be deported).

The temporary workers will now be guaranteed minimum wage and they must pay full federal and state taxes.

Failure to comply to these requirements will require law enforcement to arrest and deport any illegals who have not followed the new requirements to earn temporary worker status.

Step 2:

No Hiring of Illegals

To insure that all employers are only hiring legal citizens and temporary workers a Four Point Employer Fine System will be in place.

The Four Point Employer Fine Scale for hiring illegals:

1. Large and significant fine some where around $50,000-100,000 per person

2. A doubling of the first Fine

3. forfeiture of the Business (Seizure by the Govt.)

4. Any new business started by an employer who was hit with the first 3 fines will spend 5-15 years in jail

All employers MUST pay at least the minimum wage and take out the appropriate federal and state taxes.  Failure to do so could lead to large fines and even jail time.

Step 3:


All houses and apartment blocks must not allow more than the legal amount of people to live in one unit. If land lords or home owners are caught over the limit one will be severely fined the first time and can lead to a forfeiture of the building the next time. One more time of being caught they will be banned from getting approval to buy anymore houses/apartment buildings.

Also temporary workers caught inhabiting a building beyond the legal number of occupants can face deportation.

Finally any person caught committing a crime will serve that time and then be deported out of the nation.  Anyone who is deported from the United States will no longer be permitted in the US.  Anyone who has previously been deported will face time in prison from 5-25 years.

Now is this plan a perfect one?  No but it’s a start in the right direction.  Any immigration reform must have some mixture of all three of these elements in it.  The most important thing with immigration reform is this: we cannot give citizenship or amnesty to all the illegals in this nation today.  This only encourages the next generation of illegals to keep flocking into this nation.


Hey Georgia Artist Get a Part Time Job!

“The Georgia House this week passed a $17.8 billion state budget that would eliminate the Georgia Council for the Arts, making Georgia the only state in the country without a state arts agency recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts. The matter will next be considered by the Senate.” (from the AJC)

Today Monday 4/19/10 a group of Artist will be marching in the streets of Atlanta where they will end their protest at the State Capital demanding that the State not cut the Georgia Council for the Arts.  Well in a time when the State is facing over a $1 billion deficit its time to start cutting things like the “Arts”.  It is not the job of the States or the Federal Government to be subsidizing artist who are too lazy to work for a living.  These artist can still “contribute” to society by creating their masterpieces but on their off hours instead of hanging out at the Starbucks until inspiration hits.

I know it’s “just not fair” to expect a starving artist to earn his or her own money to pay for their “art” but when a State is going broke paying for things like this its time to STOP paying for things like the arts.  The Arts program is a perfect example of an area in a States budget that should be one of the first things to go.  Unlike Policemen, Firemen, and Teachers artist are not needed for society to function.  Yes we need Arts BUT we do not need the Tax Payers paying for it.

So I repeat it time for Georgia Artist to get a job and stop leaching off of Society!



Senator Lindsey Graham Wants a Hike in Gas Tax

More Pain at the Pump?. (Video from Fox News)

Senators Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman and John Kerry seek to impose an aditional $0.15 cent sales tax per gallon of gas.  At a time when the price of fuel is already rising higher and higher these three Statist seek to control you through the power of taxation.  They are trying to impose their Cap and Trade lite on the American People by costing all of us more money.  In a time when the nation’s economy is strugling we can’t keep having more taxes piled up on the American people.

I call out in desperation to the Great people of South Carolina, Get Rid of this Right Winged Statist.  Graham takes every oppertunity to stab Conservatives in the back.  Graham is a Democrat Lite and he believes that only through the Government can we solve the nations problems.

Lindsey its time for you to go home!

(PS: to all those in Arizona its time to send Senator John McCain home to because he will be supporting this bill and others just like it if he is re-elected!)

Will Georgia Sue Over Voter Registration?

Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp is asking the Attorney General Thurbert Baker to file a law suit against the Justice Department for the blocking of a mandatory check of a person’s Citizenship when they register to vote.   The Justice Department under the Voting Rights Act must pre-approve a program like the one Georgia is pursuing to check the citizenship of a potential voter.  The problem arouse when the Justice Department refused to ok the program because they said:

“it had the potential to unfairly limit minority voters’ access to the ballot box.”

This argument makes no sense what so ever.  The program Georgia is looking to implement would only block access to the ballot box for non-citizens.  There is nothing controversial about this.  If you are not an American Citizen then you should not be voting in this country, period.  This is not an attack at immigrants but a simple matter of fact that the representatives of this country are supposed to represent the CITIZENS of the country not citizens of other countries.

So far the Attorney General has not taken up the request for the lawsuit and odds are that he will not do so.  The Attorney General Baker is a Democrat running for the Governorship and has been making a name for himself by refusing Governor Sonny Perdue’s request for him to sue over the passing of the Health Care law. 

So why would the Federal government not want to check for to make sure some one is indeed a citizen before he or she votes?  The only reasonable assumption is that there are those in political power that want non-citizen’s to vote for them. 



Georgia’s Fight Against Health Care

For the past few weeks Georgia has had different strategies being pushed to fight changes that Obamacare will bring.  These moves have included two failed attempts at amending the state constitution which would have declared under the 10th Amendment that the state was exercising its right to opt out of the Health Care Law.  Senator Saxby Chambliss joined a group of Senate Republicans on a bill that would have repealed Obamacare.  The latest step taken was today 3/25/10 Governor Sonny Perdue announced that he will be appointing a special Attorney General to file suit against the plan since the State’s Attorney General Democrat Thurbert Baker refused to do it himself.  The Governor’s special attorney general will be another in a growing list of states, 14 so far, suing the federal government over the health care overhaul challenging the constitutionality of the new law.





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