“You Can’t Beat Santa…”(Rush Limbaugh)

So what happened yesterday has left myself and many other Conservatives/Republican’s feeling very down. We saw a strong coalition come out for the President who pushed him pass the challenger Mitt Romney. So the question now has to be why did we lose and what does that hold for the future of the country.  Has America switched from a Center-Right nation and become a Center-Left one? If so how long can we maintain the European welfare model? There is no doubt that much of President Obama’s base was part of the moocher class, as Any Rand would have called them.  President Obama’s message was a small message basically promising free this and free that.  Well we all know nothing given by the government can be free, someone has to pay.  No society has the power to last where the primary economic philosophy is “take from the rich and give to the poor”. It has failed everywhere it has been tried and will continue to fail. Today’s Democratic Socialist societies are the modern day version of the “let them eat cake” philosophy,by giving the people “free” stuff they won’t care that their nation is in decline. This way of governing only works for a certian period of time…and it’s inevitable conclusion was best phrased by Margaret Thatcher’s comment about Socialism: “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”.

The other major issue with this campaign as I see it was another mush head Republican was at the head of our ticket. The GOP “elites” who keep telling us that only a mush head “moderate” can win. These people like Karl Rove refuse to learn from the lessons of the past laid out before us by Ronald Reagan. Reagan was unashamed Conservative and he pushed his Conservative beliefs, but Rove wishes to tell us the era of Reagan is gone and only a big spending moderate mush head can win. If this is true then it may truly be over for America. Conservatives who believe in the individual, in property rights, and a true and just rule of law are not an outdated group…and if we are is that really an America we want to live in? Now the other issue is we need not only run Conservative candidates but we have to have articulate and intelligent ones.  We need people who can capture the energy of the GOP as Sarah Palin did in 2008, but we need it in an individual who is smart, articulate and can appeal to the Independents  and Reagan Democrats. If we keep having mush and bland people running for office, be it the House, Senate or President we will continue to lose.

In conclusion we must be prepared in the future for the “you can’t beat Santa” approach of the Democrats. We must understand that they will promise the moon to win elections. This campaign has once again shown that you can be a totally failed candidate and still win by “killing” the character of your opponent, scare the crap out of the voters (i.e. Mediscare/and he will take away your abortions/pill), and out and out bribery (which man as President will keep the checks flowing). In four years from now the GOP’s candidate will once more be running against Santa Clause and this time we must figure out how to win…

Keep Hope Alive my friends…for without it we are truly loss!


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