Whatever Happened to the Post-Partisan President?

Back before the election then Senator Obama was on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace discussing how he would issue in a Post-Partisan Presidency:

So whatever happened to this???  Obama was supposed to become the Great Uniter where he would reach across the political lines.  Instead the President has found away to blame every failure on the previous administration and place blame on the Republicans.  What the President seems to have forgotten is his party is in complete control and could have passed anything it wanted without a single Republican vote:

Mr. President it has been almost 2 years its time for you to take credit for both success and the failures…its time to stop blaming Bush.


Oh and Mrs. Speaker you need to pull the ear plugs from your ears and listen to the people…the time for blaming Bush is over!

And one last thing. I must give credit where credit is due, the President actually said a few positive words about President Bush in his Speech about the end of the Iraq War. So good job for at least trying Mr. President.


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