The Truth About the Israeli Raid

Here is the truth about the Israeli raid you won’t find on the news unless you are watching Fox News…Those Israeli commando’s who killed 9 “peace protestors” were fighting for their lives.  In this video you see the soldiers drop down from their helicopter with no weapon in hand and are immediately and savagely attacked.  They are beaten with metal pipes, attacked with chairs and knives.  One soldier is seen being thrown off the ship.  Their attackers were just a group of innocents they were wearing mask awaiting the arrival of those soldiers.

This incident was provoked by the Turkish government who provide these ships for the “Free Gaza” group and the IHH have both been linked to terrorist operations in the past.  On board the Mavi Marmara over 50 person’s were detained for believed connections to terrorist groups.

The Turkish “peace protestors” fully intended to provoke the Israeli’s into an action that would be seen as overly hostile for the sole purpose of turning Israel into the bad guys.  These aggressive action set up by so-called peaceful protestors with the backing of Turkey could very easily lead the world to a course of war in the Middle East.  Worse of all the international community are doing nothing to stop this and worse are actually encouraging by placing all blame on the Israeli’s.  The actions of the world leaders have embolden Turkey to keep pushing Israel on the blockade of Gaza and at some point something will happen that is even worse than the death of those 9 people aboard the flotilla.

Israel is being pushed back into a corner and sooner or later they will lash out with real force and when this happens we could easily see a major war break out in the Middle East.  Worse of all where will America be when this war happens?  With President Obama in charge my best guess is he will sell the Israeli’s out blaming them for their “provocative” actions.


For more info on the IHH go to:


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