3 Point Plan for Immigration Reform

So you want immigration reform? So let’s try this:

Step 1:

A year-long worker visa program. 

All people currently in this nation that are illegals from the Western Hemisphere will be given a One year window from the start of the program to return to their home country’s and apply for the temporary work visa.  Each of these temporary work visas will be good for one year, it will include the whole immediate family (mom, dad and kids), and they must have proof of residence.  These temporary workers must stay in the housing units addressed in their work visa or they must update and show proof that they have moved to a new residence during that years work program.  They must have proof of a job.  If they go 3 months without a job they most return home and reapply for the work visa (when this happens only one member of the family must return to the home country but if they do not return within 2 months of getting their visa’s renewed their family will be deported).

The temporary workers will now be guaranteed minimum wage and they must pay full federal and state taxes.

Failure to comply to these requirements will require law enforcement to arrest and deport any illegals who have not followed the new requirements to earn temporary worker status.

Step 2:

No Hiring of Illegals

To insure that all employers are only hiring legal citizens and temporary workers a Four Point Employer Fine System will be in place.

The Four Point Employer Fine Scale for hiring illegals:

1. Large and significant fine some where around $50,000-100,000 per person

2. A doubling of the first Fine

3. forfeiture of the Business (Seizure by the Govt.)

4. Any new business started by an employer who was hit with the first 3 fines will spend 5-15 years in jail

All employers MUST pay at least the minimum wage and take out the appropriate federal and state taxes.  Failure to do so could lead to large fines and even jail time.

Step 3:


All houses and apartment blocks must not allow more than the legal amount of people to live in one unit. If land lords or home owners are caught over the limit one will be severely fined the first time and can lead to a forfeiture of the building the next time. One more time of being caught they will be banned from getting approval to buy anymore houses/apartment buildings.

Also temporary workers caught inhabiting a building beyond the legal number of occupants can face deportation.

Finally any person caught committing a crime will serve that time and then be deported out of the nation.  Anyone who is deported from the United States will no longer be permitted in the US.  Anyone who has previously been deported will face time in prison from 5-25 years.

Now is this plan a perfect one?  No but it’s a start in the right direction.  Any immigration reform must have some mixture of all three of these elements in it.  The most important thing with immigration reform is this: we cannot give citizenship or amnesty to all the illegals in this nation today.  This only encourages the next generation of illegals to keep flocking into this nation.


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