Mayor Bloomberg Suspected the Right for NYC Bomb

 It really is a disgusting day in America when the leaders of the left immediately jump to defend our enemy’s from Al-Qaeda and the Taliban and immediately smear the political “right” and the Tea Party crowd.  What am I talking about? Well New York’s idiot Mayor Bloomberg  placed early blame on a “lone wolf” home-grown terrorist and why because he could be mentally unstable or hate the health care bill.

You can Click Here to see Mayor Bloomberg’s comments on CBS. (From Eyeblast TV)

This is disgusting we are at war with Radical Islamic Terrorist not the Tax Paying hard-working TEA Party members.  Why the Left can not get this simple truth through there head is just amazing to me.  We hear from them that we can’t blame a clear act of terrorism on the Terrorist until we can get proof but these same fools jump feet first into the water of blaming the Right.  The Right in this country is not the enemy the Terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda is.  Al-Qaeda seeks to kill us the TEA Party seeks to be left alone from their government.  Do you see the difference.

Bloomberg should have never been re-elected and the Congress should throw that idiot Janet Napolitano out of public office for her comments that the NYC Bomb maybe an act of terrorism.

“Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Sunday morning that the administration is “certainly considering” that the car bomb found in New York’s Times Square could be an act of terror.”

I must say thank God that our law enforcement was able to catch this failed terrorist Faisal Shahzad.  The government has been interrogating this guy and the Atterny General Eric Holder has had the FBI read Shahzad his Miranda Rights I just hope this doesn’t cost us any information.  So far its being reported that Shahzad is working with the investigation.

Finally for the idiots like Bloomberg and Napolitano, the leftist AG Eric Holder stated:

“Based on what we know so far, it is clear that this was a terrorist plot aimed at murdering Americans in one of the busiest places in our country,” (From Yahoo News.)



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