A Time to Remember Those Who Serve

Today is a day that we step back from our normal busy lives to stop and remember the sacrifice that all those brave men and women have made to serve and protect our great nation.  Right now we have troops around the world serving in some of the worse hell holes on the planet fighting and dying so the rest of us won’t have to. 

May God Bless these Brave Men and Women…and May God speed up our wars to victories so these Brave souls may return home.

May God keep these Brave soldiers safe and let them return home victorious.


A Step Up in the War on Terror.

Earlier tonight I received this NYTimes News Alert:

“U.S. Is Said to Order Expanded Use of Covert Action in Middle East

WASHINGTON — The top American commander in the Middle East
has ordered a broad expansion of clandestine military
activity in an effort to disrupt militant groups or counter
threats in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and other countries in
the region, according to defense officials and military

The secret directive, signed in September by Gen. David H.
Petraeus, authorizes the sending of American Special
Operations troops to both friendly and hostile nations in the
Middle East, Central Asia and the Horn of Africa to gather
intelligence and build ties with local forces. Officials said
the order also permits reconnaissance that could pave the way
for possible military strikes in Iran if tensions over its
nuclear ambitions escalate.”

While I find this to be great news that we are stepping up secret strikes against the enemies of this nation, we should not be reading this story. 

The New York Times has no integrity what so ever and whoever leaked this story should be found and prosecuted.  Why would the NY Times be telegraphing this information to both and friends and enemies?  These are the secrets nations must keep untill years in the future when they are safe to reveal.  Revealing our nations security secrets is a disgrace.  The owners and all those who are employed at this rag should be ashamed for their constant printing of US national security secrets.  Whats more those who are receiving this information should be prosecuted as well as the leakers

While this maybe an unofficial official leak this is a disgrace. 

God Bless the men and women who will have to carry out these missions and my God bless this country.

And as for papers like the New York Times…well you can’t go out of business fast enough!



Blitzer and President of Mexico

Wolf Blitzer and President of Mexico

Within no time CNN pulled down this video of Wolf Blitzer interviewing President Calderon of Mexico. During the interview Calderon claims that Arizona enforcing the Federal Immigration law through the new state law is racist but in the next breath Blitzer has him admitting that Mexico enforces their Draconian immigration laws.

Sit back and enjoy the hypocrisy!!!


First heard the clip on the Mark Levin Show


3 Point Plan for Immigration Reform

So you want immigration reform? So let’s try this:

Step 1:

A year-long worker visa program. 

All people currently in this nation that are illegals from the Western Hemisphere will be given a One year window from the start of the program to return to their home country’s and apply for the temporary work visa.  Each of these temporary work visas will be good for one year, it will include the whole immediate family (mom, dad and kids), and they must have proof of residence.  These temporary workers must stay in the housing units addressed in their work visa or they must update and show proof that they have moved to a new residence during that years work program.  They must have proof of a job.  If they go 3 months without a job they most return home and reapply for the work visa (when this happens only one member of the family must return to the home country but if they do not return within 2 months of getting their visa’s renewed their family will be deported).

The temporary workers will now be guaranteed minimum wage and they must pay full federal and state taxes.

Failure to comply to these requirements will require law enforcement to arrest and deport any illegals who have not followed the new requirements to earn temporary worker status.

Step 2:

No Hiring of Illegals

To insure that all employers are only hiring legal citizens and temporary workers a Four Point Employer Fine System will be in place.

The Four Point Employer Fine Scale for hiring illegals:

1. Large and significant fine some where around $50,000-100,000 per person

2. A doubling of the first Fine

3. forfeiture of the Business (Seizure by the Govt.)

4. Any new business started by an employer who was hit with the first 3 fines will spend 5-15 years in jail

All employers MUST pay at least the minimum wage and take out the appropriate federal and state taxes.  Failure to do so could lead to large fines and even jail time.

Step 3:


All houses and apartment blocks must not allow more than the legal amount of people to live in one unit. If land lords or home owners are caught over the limit one will be severely fined the first time and can lead to a forfeiture of the building the next time. One more time of being caught they will be banned from getting approval to buy anymore houses/apartment buildings.

Also temporary workers caught inhabiting a building beyond the legal number of occupants can face deportation.

Finally any person caught committing a crime will serve that time and then be deported out of the nation.  Anyone who is deported from the United States will no longer be permitted in the US.  Anyone who has previously been deported will face time in prison from 5-25 years.

Now is this plan a perfect one?  No but it’s a start in the right direction.  Any immigration reform must have some mixture of all three of these elements in it.  The most important thing with immigration reform is this: we cannot give citizenship or amnesty to all the illegals in this nation today.  This only encourages the next generation of illegals to keep flocking into this nation.

Illegal Immigration

Currently everywhere you turn one state can be found in the National Lime Light and that state is Arizona.  Arizona is under attack from our President, the President of Mexico, basketball teams, cities around the nation and the main stream media.  While Arizona seems to be drowning in hatred this is not the case Rasmussen and other daily poll trackers have found that a majority of Americans support the law and oppose those who wish to boycott the state.

So why do people oppose the law?

Some truly believe that the new Arizona immigration law will allow for profiling. Why do these people believe this? One they have not read the law for themselves and two it’s all the news and political leaders keeps telling you.  Why would the left leaning media and Democratic politicians claim this law will cause profiling?  My honest answer is I don’t think they believe this.  They see this as a chance to energize their political base for an election cycle that will likely see a huge number of Democrats losing their seats.  By calling the law racist it makes it where they can attack any support (their Republican rivals) of the law as racist. 

Why does Mexico oppose this law?  Mexico for one fears that the passage of this law may spread across the US.  If even half the states start enforcing the Federal Immigration Laws through state powered enforcement laws it could threaten the Mexican economy.  The Mexican economy depends heavily on the money flowing across its borders from Mexican citizens in this nation.  The number of US Dollars that leave this nation and go to Mexico is well over $10 billion a year.

The left would have you believe that all illegal immigrants are  law abiding, honest and hard-working people just here to do the jobs us lazy Americans won’t do.  This just is not true.  Phoenix for example has the second highest kidnapping rate in the Western Hemisphere.  Atlanta is under seige from the drug cartels as are other cities across the US.  While many illegals in this nation do match the above statement about them being honest and hard-working the truth is they have no right to be here. 

No nation on Earth allows anybody, at any time to just walk into their country and demand to be treated like a citizen except in the US.  This is not tolerated in Mexico, Canada, Germany, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, China or any other country you can think of. 

Why do nations not allow open borders? 

 One reason is National Security.  By leaving open your borders to anyone, than anyone will come in and that includes your enemy’s.  The other reason is pure economics.  No government especially ones with large welfare programs can survive if you allow free entrance and access to these programs.  Illegals use up far more resources than the limited amount of money they pay in with taxes.

The simple truth of the matter is until we stop allowing open borders all we are doing is importing great levels of poverty, crime, and unknown diseases into our nation.  This is why we have a legal immigration policy in the first place.  It is there to make sure everyone is who they say they are (and not a terrorist or criminal), to make sure they are healthy and that immigrants are at least skilled and educated enough not to become a burden on the nation.

My final thoughts on this law is that it is the right law for a state that is under seige.  Does America a land of Immigrants need immigration?  Yes of course we do, but there is a difference between legal immigration where the government can control who comes into the nation and illegal immigration where anyone who wishes just comes.  No nation can survive for long if it allows everyone into its borders with no checks and balances because all nations resources are limited and must be properly managed so not to be overextended.




Looking for Hope? Lets Remember Reagan.

Here is President Reagan’s inaugural address:

This speech which is almost 30 years old gives me more hope for the future then anything said by this president and most of our Republican leadership.  The words and concepts are not hard to understand or to express so my great hope is that the next “Reagan” will soon appear.

Obama’s View For Our Nation



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Mayor Bloomberg Suspected the Right for NYC Bomb

 It really is a disgusting day in America when the leaders of the left immediately jump to defend our enemy’s from Al-Qaeda and the Taliban and immediately smear the political “right” and the Tea Party crowd.  What am I talking about? Well New York’s idiot Mayor Bloomberg  placed early blame on a “lone wolf” home-grown terrorist and why because he could be mentally unstable or hate the health care bill.

You can Click Here to see Mayor Bloomberg’s comments on CBS. (From Eyeblast TV)

This is disgusting we are at war with Radical Islamic Terrorist not the Tax Paying hard-working TEA Party members.  Why the Left can not get this simple truth through there head is just amazing to me.  We hear from them that we can’t blame a clear act of terrorism on the Terrorist until we can get proof but these same fools jump feet first into the water of blaming the Right.  The Right in this country is not the enemy the Terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda is.  Al-Qaeda seeks to kill us the TEA Party seeks to be left alone from their government.  Do you see the difference.

Bloomberg should have never been re-elected and the Congress should throw that idiot Janet Napolitano out of public office for her comments that the NYC Bomb maybe an act of terrorism.

“Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Sunday morning that the administration is “certainly considering” that the car bomb found in New York’s Times Square could be an act of terror.”

I must say thank God that our law enforcement was able to catch this failed terrorist Faisal Shahzad.  The government has been interrogating this guy and the Atterny General Eric Holder has had the FBI read Shahzad his Miranda Rights I just hope this doesn’t cost us any information.  So far its being reported that Shahzad is working with the investigation.

Finally for the idiots like Bloomberg and Napolitano, the leftist AG Eric Holder stated:

“Based on what we know so far, it is clear that this was a terrorist plot aimed at murdering Americans in one of the busiest places in our country,” (From Yahoo News.)





John McCain On Hannity

All of a sudden John McCain is a secure borders guy, but under Bush he and his mental midget sidekick Lindsey Graham were jumping up and down to give amnesty for all these illegals. Hmmm John can it be that your up for re-election and you just now remember that your job is to represent the people of your state. A guy that called Bush’s interrogation techniques is now tough on Islamic Terrorist. Come on Senator do us all a favor and have the good grace to step down. Your doing great right now but if you win again the soft leftist McCain will return and that’s not what this nation needs right now.

Thank you Senator for your service in the war and in the Senate now go enjoy your sunset years and relax.

Check out my new Rant

Its on Illegal Immigration not being an act of Racism.

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