Is the Arizona Immigration Law Racist???

Is the new Arizona anti-illegal immigration law Racist?  I have to say no.  What the new law does is require all State run law enforcement agencies to enforce the Immigration laws of the nation.  Does it some how violate the “supremacy clause” of the US Constitution?  No because the law will require the States law enforcement to enforce the Federal Law.  Does it give the cops the right to stop anybody “who looks like an ‘illegal’?”  No but it does require that if law enforcement is called into a case that they find out the legal status of those involved. 

Below are some of the major points from the Law found on’s website:

Enforcement of Immigration Law

  • Prohibits law enforcement officials and law enforcement agencies of this state or counties, municipalities and political subdivisions from restricting or limiting the enforcement of the federal immigration laws to less than the full extent permitted by federal law.
  • Requires officials and agencies to reasonably attempt to determine the immigration status of a person involved in a lawful contact where reasonable suspicion exists regarding the immigration status of the person, except if the determination may hinder or obstruct an investigation.
  • Stipulates that if the person is arrested, the person’s immigration status must be determined before the person is released and must be verified with the federal government.
  • Stipulates that a law enforcement official or agency cannot solely consider race, color or national origin when implementing these provisions, except as permitted by the U.S. or Arizona Constitution.
  • Specifies that a person is presumed to be lawfully present if the person provides any of the following:

Ø        A valid Arizona driver license.

Ø        A valid Arizona nonoperating identification license.

Ø        A valid tribal enrollment card or other form of tribal identification.

Ø        A valid federal, state or local government issued identification, if the issuing entity requires proof of legal presence before issuance.

  • Requires that if a person is convicted of any state or local law, on discharge from imprisonment or on the assessment of any monetary obligation imposed, ICE or U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) must be immediately notified. 
  • Authorizes a law enforcement agency to securely transport an unlawfully present alien to a federal facility.
  • Allows a person who is a legal resident of this state to bring an action in superior court to challenge officials and agencies of the state, counties, cities, towns or other political subdivisions that adopt or implement a policy that limits or restricts the enforcement of federal immigration laws to less than the full extent permitted by federal law.
  • Stipulates that these provisions are to be implemented consistent with federal immigration law protecting the civil right of all persons and respecting the privileges and immunities of US citizens.” (from the overview on the new Arizona Law)

As you can see in red the new law does not allow for cops to stop someone using racial profiling and they must follow the rules and laws that are set up to protect peoples Civil Rights.  The Arizona law makers are stupid people they would not have written a law that demands cops go out and routinely violates people’s Civil Rights.  They are not looking to be sued what they are trying to do is step up enforcement of the Federal Immigration Laws because the Federal Government will not secure our borders.

As is clearly stated above the Arizona government did not hand the police the power to profile the people of Arizona or the ability to just stop someone without reasonable suspicion of their immigration status but that did not stop the President from lying about what this law does:

“”This law that just passed in Arizona, which I think is a poorly conceived law,” said Obama in a speech at an Iowa community college.

“You can try to make it really tough on people who look like illegal immigrants,” he added. “You can imagine if you are a Hispanic American in Arizona and your great-great grandfather may have been there even before Arizona was a state?

“If you didn’t have your papers and you took your kids out for ice cream, you could be harassed,” added Obama.” (from Politico)

Ok so the President just gave a very stupid hypothetical situation so let see if I can give a better one.  You’re a police office riding down the road and you are coming up on a corner where it is known that illegals hang out waiting for work can the cop stop them and demand their papers?  I’m betting the answer is no, but is it not reasonable to ask for the proof of citizenship of people who are loitering in an area known for illegals waiting for work?  Is this harassment, a violation of Civil Rights?

Finally Arizona is going to be including new rounds of training on how to properly look for people who are in this nation illegally:

“Police association board member Ken Crane, who joined Spencer in standing behind Brewer last week, said the union would be willing to work with the state training board to help craft a standard for training Arizona police on the new law. But he added that the governor’s executive order calling for additional training was simply an “extra layer of comfort” for the public.

The new law, Crane said, prohibits officers from targeting people based on race, national origin and other identifying factors.

Every rookie officer is trained extensively at the police academy on how to judge probable cause and reasonable suspicion. Crane said whatever training is developed should reinforce long-standing police standards. “It’s basic police work that’s never changed,” he said. “We’re not reinventing the wheel here.” (from the

In conclusion is this new law a law of rampant Racism, Discrimination and the reinvention of Nazism because the Arizona government is demanding that people show a valid US idea to prove their legal status?  If so why is it not Nazism for someone who goes and buys beer, to pay to see an R rated movie or buy a video game rated M.  All these events you must show your idea to prove that you are old enough for these activities and no one thinks twice about it, but if you are asked to prove you actually live here and are here legally that’s a problem???  If this how you think i DARE you to go and sneak into Mexico without the proper “papers” and see what happens to you.  It is the responsiblity of the State to protect its citizens and to enforce its laws and in this case Arizona is doing its job and the Federal government is not.

Illegal Immigration is not Immigration!



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