Dems Should Keep Smearing the TEA Party

Over the past year we have seen the Democrat Leadership of all shapes, color, and lack of IQ points smearing the TEA Party members as Anti-American, Nazi’s, Racist, KKK members.  I say Keep it Up Democrats!  What the Democratic Party has done is draw a huge amount of attention to a fledgling organization of everyday Americans and help boost their numbers.  Poll after Poll shows the American people have more trust in the TEA Party then in Congress, that they believe TEA Party Members to be better educated on the issues then the Members of Congress, and on and on. 

What the Democratic Party and its Leftist Media (I’m thinking of you CNN and MSNBC) are doing is smearing the people of this Country.  The problem for Democrats is this: you don’t have to be a member of a TEA Party to feel like your being taxed too much, that government spending is out of control, and that the government is ignoring the voices of the people.  These sentiments run across the political specter and when the Democratic Leadership is calling people with these very real fears: Crazy, Racist, Biggest, Homophobes, Tim McVeigh wannabes; they are turning off their own base and worse (for them) the magical Independents Base.

So I once again offer up this most sincere piece of advice: Keep it up President Obama and Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, CNN, MSNBC (the Marxist, Socialist,Obama News Broadcast Company).  Keep driving Independent Voters to the Republican party and watch your side lose big time in November!


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