Senator Lindsey Graham Wants a Hike in Gas Tax

More Pain at the Pump?. (Video from Fox News)

Senators Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman and John Kerry seek to impose an aditional $0.15 cent sales tax per gallon of gas.  At a time when the price of fuel is already rising higher and higher these three Statist seek to control you through the power of taxation.  They are trying to impose their Cap and Trade lite on the American People by costing all of us more money.  In a time when the nation’s economy is strugling we can’t keep having more taxes piled up on the American people.

I call out in desperation to the Great people of South Carolina, Get Rid of this Right Winged Statist.  Graham takes every oppertunity to stab Conservatives in the back.  Graham is a Democrat Lite and he believes that only through the Government can we solve the nations problems.

Lindsey its time for you to go home!

(PS: to all those in Arizona its time to send Senator John McCain home to because he will be supporting this bill and others just like it if he is re-elected!)


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