Obama Bombs the Moon for Nothing!!!

Back on October 9, 2009 the Noble Peace Prize winner President Obama had the US Space Agency NASA take the unprecedented steps in bombing the moon.  Why would any President bomb Earths only moon?

The point of bombing the moon was simple, NASA was in search of water on the moon.  NASA was searching for a source of water which was the beginning stage of the US building a permanent base on the moon.

“From the standpoint of establishing lunar outposts, a key task is hunting for water ice that may lurk in the permanent, frigid darkness at the bottom of craters at the moon’s poles. Past spacecraft have yielded evidence of water.” (from the Christian Science Monitor)

Well today President Obama made his attack on the Moon pointless by declaring he will skip any more missions to the Moon.  So what is the Presidents big goals for NASA now??? He seeks to land a man on an asteroid…oh and one of moons of Mars.

Back in 2oo4 President George W Bush set into motion a new vision for NASA.  Stage one was a return to the Moon and a colonization of the Moon.  Step two would be sending the first man to Mars.  Now President Obama is killing the chance that America will be the first country to build a base on the moon. 

Before man can begin colonization of space we must start here in the shadows of our own planet.  This includes man built satellite habitats and building a base on the moon.  With NASA just three shuttle launches away from retiring the shuttle program it is hard to imagine how the US will be the first to achieve the goals President Bush set out for this wonderful Nation.






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