Dems Refuse to Work on the Budget Before Election!

The Democrat Party who owns the House, Senate and White House are refusing to follow through on the obligations to work on the budget till after the election.  Why??? Because they don’t want to touch a huge deficit creating budget until after the election.  This budget will break the bank.

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  1. Is this sort of like the games the Reps are playing? I guess you reap what you sew.

    • I will admit that Republicans have done it in the past as well. And guess what it was wrong for them to do it and its wrong for the Dems. Part of being in the Congress and being President is doing the business of running the government not playing “games”. This attitude of its all a game needs to end and the politicians need to act like adults. One more thing no administration has ever spent money the way this one is…so i guess i can’t blame them from trying to hide how much money they have spent!

  2. well, with the exception of the stimulus package, which has arguable merits and necessity, I’d say that Bush the Lesser’s record setting defecit and debt falls in the catergory of “no administration has ever spent money the way this one is…” Bush’s record beat whose? Oh yeah, Ronald Reagan. So, I’m not sure your point is strong on that.

    Further, you state that repubs have played these games in the past. I’m refering to the ones being played now with obstructionist tactics – blocking votes, sneaking into the chamber when no one else is there to file motions, forcing votes on things like viagra for sex offenders – which they knew because of time limits that dems had to vote against, so that come november Repubs can claim dems voted “for” viagra for convicted sex offenders. Those are the kind of games I was refering to. But you are right, when they had controll of both chambers, the judicial branch and the presidency, the right engaged in the same kind of games that dems are playing now.

    I completely agree with you about playing political chess with legislation. The people and not politics or party should be the number one priority.

    However, like some political games, I can understand the strategy behind the ones being played now by both parties. In the cases we are discussing, it is all about furthering or halting an agenda. For the most part, I agree with the agenda of the dems right now. What I don’t like is both parties calling the other hypocritical for engaging in similar gameplay. Though, I guess, that too is part of the game.

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