The Fight Over a New Supreme Court Justice’s is a Good Thing

In the coming few months the GOP needs to hold up the confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice for as long as possible.  The retirement of Supreme Court John Paul Stevens gives the GOP a real chance to stall a lot of the radical agenda that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid plan to push the last few months before the elections.  I’m almost willing to concede a leftist for a leftist but we must use the strategy of the Democrats against them.  They filibustered some really good Conservative Justices because they feared them becoming Supreme Court justices and didn’t want them on the federal bench.  Well the GOP needs to do the same with two goals in mind: one we need to get a justices that is as close to moderate or center as possible, the second is we need this to drag out to slow the business of the Senate.

For the sake of the country the GOP must get this right.  They need to fight for every inch of political land they can get till November when we can send them some back up.  This is a political war and what is at stake is how this country will operate.  Will it be a Super Nanny State like Europe or be a country that foster’s Independence and Liberty.


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