BEWARE: The TEA Party Crashers!!!

This upcoming thursday, Tax Day, the American people will once again be out in force to protest the ever-increasing Federal Government and its unsatisfiable spending.  The fact that there will be millions of peaceful protestors out there demonstrating their contempt for the way the Government has been acting there will be another group out there. has been encouraging its members to go to TEA party’s all across the country and in a peaceful manner disrupt the TEA Party’s.  Their goal is to find the few nuts in the crowd and paint a picture that they represent the whole movement.  This is an attempt to kill the popularity of the TEA Party movement by using agents to disrupt the peaceful demonstrations and then use the National Media to smear the protestors.

TEA Party Protestors beware the Crashers!

TEA Partyiers Show the World how Peaceful and Worried we really are!!!


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