Will Georgia Sue Over Voter Registration?

Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp is asking the Attorney General Thurbert Baker to file a law suit against the Justice Department for the blocking of a mandatory check of a person’s Citizenship when they register to vote.   The Justice Department under the Voting Rights Act must pre-approve a program like the one Georgia is pursuing to check the citizenship of a potential voter.  The problem arouse when the Justice Department refused to ok the program because they said:

“it had the potential to unfairly limit minority voters’ access to the ballot box.”

This argument makes no sense what so ever.  The program Georgia is looking to implement would only block access to the ballot box for non-citizens.  There is nothing controversial about this.  If you are not an American Citizen then you should not be voting in this country, period.  This is not an attack at immigrants but a simple matter of fact that the representatives of this country are supposed to represent the CITIZENS of the country not citizens of other countries.

So far the Attorney General has not taken up the request for the lawsuit and odds are that he will not do so.  The Attorney General Baker is a Democrat running for the Governorship and has been making a name for himself by refusing Governor Sonny Perdue’s request for him to sue over the passing of the Health Care law. 

So why would the Federal government not want to check for to make sure some one is indeed a citizen before he or she votes?  The only reasonable assumption is that there are those in political power that want non-citizen’s to vote for them. 




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