Obama Vs. Palin Goes Nuclear

After President Obama announced his change in US policy in the use of Nuclear Weapons a new form of the Cold War has arisen.  It started with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin launching the first strike against Obama.  On the Sean Hannity Show Palin belittled the President for his decision to take the use of a Nuclear Strike off the table in case of a WMD attack.  Next up was President Obama’s retaliation on ABC where he out right dismissed Mrs. Palin for her so-called lack of expertise on the issue of Nuclear Weapons.  Well today Sarah Palin shot back asking the question: Where did Mr. Obama get his expertise, after all the man’s background is as a lawyer and community activist not a Nuclear Arms strategist.

While the war of words appears to be heating up between the President and the ex-governor we must sit back and realize that the real losers in this “war” is the American people.  Why is that?  Because as soon as the President made his announcement that he would limit the American response with Nuclear weapons our world has become a whole lot less safe.  The point of having nuclear weapons is not to use them but the threat of using them.  You let your enemy’s know that if they ever use ANY form of a WMD (weapon of mass destruction) that you will respond in kind.  Nukes are a deterrent that stop attacks because your enemy knows that they will die in the flames of a nuclear fire.

By trying to be the “good guy” President Obama has already invited more trouble for the whole world.  The North Koreans are threatening to increase the number of nuclear weapons that they have and today the Iranian’s have declared today to be National Nuclear day.  The two most dangerous regimes on the planet right now are thumbing their collective noses at the US president and the weakness he is showing the world. 

Thanks to Obama’s dream of a Nuke free US we are living in a world that is far more scary and in which violence is bound to happen.






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