CHRISTIAN Milita: What???

I maybe the only one out there who finds this morally bankrupt but what is with our news today?  The other day the FBI arrested a group of 9 “militia” terrorist plotting to kill police officers.  I’m extremely happy that the FBI was able to stop this group of would be terrorist before they were able to carry out their attack.  But what pisses me off more than anything has been the news coverage of this.  Every time you turned around you heard the news anchors declaring the FBI had arrested a CHRISTIAN militia group, but when it comes to the Fort Hood shooter they were oh so careful to ignore the fact that he was a Muslim and feared calling that a terrorist attack.  The media keeps using the word Christian like it’s a curse or that there is a worldwide movement of Christian terrorist.  The media doesn’t want to offend the Muslims of the world which is fine but we all know that there is a worldwide Muslim terrorist movement.  All im asking for is a little honest coverage people!


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