Remove, Contain, and Repeal: The 3 Steps to Ending Obamacare

Tomorrow President Obama will sign into law one of the worse pieces of legislation in American history and begin the unraveling of the Democratic Party.  The American people overwhelmingly opposed the passage of this bill because of the corruption, the huge tax hikes, the unconstitutional mandates on the American people, and many other things the American people hated.  So with the hatred of this bill comes a hated of something else, the Democratic Party. 

The American people often get sucked in by the feel good redirect of the Democratic politicians and make the mistake of voting them into office, but soon we remember why that is a mistake.  Every time Democrats take control they can’t help but spend, tax, spend, tax, and well you get the picture.  Yesterday they added the biggest entitlement policy ever in this country and with comes huge amounts of spending and larger amounts of taxes.  All this leads to the destruction of the Democratic control in 2010.

The Democrats just handed the Republican’s their platform for November.  The first step will be to get rid of as many Democrats as possible.   Once that happens we will be in a position to try to Repeal the Health Care bill and if this fails to pass, to contain the damage it can cause.  This will not be a short-term fight, but will be one that will take up the remainder of the Obama Presidency.  This will be one of the longest political battles ever and one we must win if our country is to survive.


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