The Health Care Bill is a War on Our Freedom

This Health Care Bill that will be voted on this Sunday is a war on our freedom.  This is about our freedoms to make our own choices.  Worse this is about changing our relationship with our government.  socialistic health care is one of the first steps to increasing  our dependence on the government.  The Democrats want the people of this country to be dependent on them.  The problem with Socialism or Socialism-lite is that people slowly begin to lose their independence, their willingness to take risk, and instead become complacent and hooked on government handouts.  One problem is that when 60%+ of the citizens are taking more money from the Government then they pay into it, it is only a matter of time before the whole country goes broke.  That will destroy the nation.

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  1. What choice is that? The choice to be uninsured because you can’t afford it? With this bill, imperfect as it is, we will begin catching up with the rest of the developed world. The bill, while lacking a public option is a first step and a necessary step. It’s time to think about people less fortunate than ourselves. It’s not their fault our economy has tanked and there are few jobs. Health care across state lines and tort reform will not get it done.

    • In every country where there is a “public option” you find lines and rationing. Even the Canadians are begining to end their government run health care system because it doesn’t work. Every government that controls the health care systems run over budget, don’t have enough doctors, can’t see enough patients. So what if everyone is “covered” if they can’t see a doctor and get the treatments they need. Are things perfect here now??? No. Cost are out of control and there are many people uninsured, but we can fix that. Government control won’t fix it. For people who can’t afford insurance we have Medcade programs. The states are going broke paying for the health care of the uninsured and now so to will the federal government.

  2. Haven’t heard of one country going broke from providing health care. For some reason we have trillions to fight our wars but when it comes to insurance you want less government. CBO and OMB have shown that the defecit will decrease, not increase.

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