Democrat Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania: Update!

This Democratic Congressman has been all over the news lately to tell everyone that he just doesn’t know which way he will vote for the health care bill.  My guess is he will sell out the will of the American people and vote for it.  Congressmen like Altmire who run to every tv news program to say i just haven’t decided yet are looking for something. What this might be i have no idea. Im not implying he’s looking for a kick back for all i know he maybe looking for a real change in the bill, but i will say this no changes made to this bill can save it.  This bill will be a defacto take over of the Health Care system.  I want REFORM not government dictation.  Ronald Reagan once warned us that allowing our Government to go down the road of controlling health care we will surly find ourselves falling towards the trap of Socialism.

Its the eleventh hour and we must fight back. We cannot stand by while Congress steals this liberty from us. Call the Congress and tell them the only acceptable thing for this bill is to kill it and start anew.


As is clear i really felt that Altmire would vote Yes on the bill as of today 3/19/10 he is a firm No vote.  Mr Altmire thank you for doing the right thing for your Country.

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