Whats Wrong With Socialism???

What is wrong with socialism??? Is it not a good thing that everyone has an equal share? That everyone has “access to health care”, a house, food??? Why wouldn’t we want these things to be given to us by the government?

The problem is very simple.  What the government can give it can take away.

There is one system that has been set up by Man that gives more people the best chance to get the very things they want the government to give them.  The problem is for them they have to work for it.  The Free Market is how this nation has grown to be the most powerful nation on Earth.  It wasn’t the guns or our bombs no it was our ability to create products and services.  And only the Free Market allowed this growth to be nearly unstoppable.

So whats wrong with letting the government control things??? The same problem the people of the Soviet Union had we will have…We are having.  We cannot effectively communicate with Washington.  There is no way that the politicians in Washington don’t know the will of the people of the issue of Health Care but they push on anyways.  They ignore us and there’s nothing we can do till November.  WE stand there screaming out the top of our lungs unable to physically demand that our government stops what is doing but by God our government will be able to tell us what to do with theat of law and force behind it.

When the People are no longer listen to and the government thinks it has all the answers and can run all the small little cogs of our Economy then we are no longer a Free People but slaves to the will of our Politicians!!!


A vote Yes on this Health Care Bill is a vote that undermines this nations history and our freedoms!

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