Tom Hanks What a Tool!

Mr hanks has been pulling an Obama and has been trashing our nation as a group of anti-Muslium hating people. Mr Hanks i have news for you the American people for the most part do not hate Musliums!

Are there some nuts out there yes! But those people are in a huge minority!!! Musliums are welcome members of our country and we accept the fact that the vast majority of Musliums do not accept the way Al-Qaeda opperates.


From CNSNews they interview Tom Hanks about his comments on MSNBC where he was declaring the war in against the Japanesse was a war of racism and hatred because the Japanesse were different from us.  This is a completly ingorant view of our history. 

Mr. Hanks you are a good actor but leave history to people who actually know what was going on.

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