The New Mafia- SEIU

In today’s Washington Post we have learned that the SEIU Union is threatening sitting Democrats if they vote No on the Health Care bill.  SEIU official Mike Fishman warned Congressman Mike McMahon of New Yorks Staten Island that if he votes no on this bill that the SEIU will pull all its support for him in the next election.  This message is clear to all Democrats who need Big Union support: “follow our orders or lose our vote”. 

This thugoccracy know as the SEIU must be stopped.  The SEIU Union represent millions of Public Sector employees.  These are government bureaucrats.  Why do our government paper pushers need with a union? People we are paying for our own destruction by funding a Union that is by the government and for the government.

These thugs will use every dirty trick they can to get the members of the House to vote and pass this Health Bill.  Not because it improves health Care, no they will push Congress to pass it because it protect their health care.  The deal that was struck by the President will make the Unions health insurance payments are not taxed while non-union members that have the same plan will be hit with a 40% “Cadillac Health Plan Tax”. 

In deals struck like the one with the SEIU we see that John Kerry was right, there is two Americas.  There is the Government and its thugs and then there is us the money makers who feed the Government.

Ladies and Gentlemen we must break up this modern-day Mafia known as the SEIU otherwise we will continue to pay for our own destruction.


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